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General Terms and Conditions:

1. General information:

The following General Terms and Conditions apply for the download, storage, usage, capture, etc. of this website. Other General Terms and Conditions are dismissed. The content of this website is not of advisory nature, it especially does not constitute legal advice, but only reflects personal opinions and thoughts. The contents contained here are concerned with a difficult area of law, which is based on courts’ decisions on individual cases. Applicability or transferability of the contents to particular situations is neither wished nor possible. These General Terms and Conditions do NOT apply for activities within a personal client-lawyer relationship.

2. Liability:

We are not liable for damages. Neither accessing nor any other way of using this website creates a client-lawyer relationship. By way of precaution: we are liable only if we can be accused of wrongful intention or gross negligence. Moreover, we are liable in cases of breach of fundamental duties, the fulfilment of which could have been especially relied on, we are also liable in cases of ordinary negligence.

  1. In cases of a breach of fundamental duties constituting ordinary negligence, as well as in cases of wrongful intention and gross negligence by employees who are not attorneys-at-law, we are only liable for damages to the amount typically foreseeable. We are not liable for consequential damages, such as loss of profits, loss of savings and other indirect damages, as well as loss of the recorded data.
  2. This limitation of liability applies to all of our employees.
  3. We do not take responsibility for e-mails sent to us that we have not requested. We do not guarantee the receipt of this insecure form of communication and refuse to assume a client-lawyer relationship via e-mail, unless given an explicit confirmation.
  4. We are not liable for damages resulting from modifying the contents of this website without our explicit consent, from using the contents without our explicit, written consent or applying them to a concrete situation (although they are of general character only). We reserve ourselves the right to assert claims for damages. References to this website, its descriptions and duplicates in whole or in part also constitute a modification of this website according to the first paragraph.
  5. The obligation of the user of this website to avoid damages shall remain unaffected.

3. Reservation of rights:

Any publication, distribution or any other intended use of the layout and content of this website is wholly prohibited without our prior consent. Copyrights – if applicable – remain unaffected. Legal texts, judgements and other official contents are in principle not protected by copyright.

4. Links:

These General Terms and Conditions also apply to hyperlinks to this website, with the provision that we may revoke our approval of descriptions of these links.

5. Relinquishment of rights without our prior consent is impossible.

6. Any possible legal relationship will be governed exclusively by German jurisdiction.

7. The exclusive place of jurisdiction and – if applicable – place of performance for entrepreneurs is Hanover.


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