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Computer law:

Our site answers frequently asked questions (FAQ) relating to the internet (i.e. on designing a home page, agreements with service providers, linking and metatag liability, copyright and design rights, e-commerce, etc.). This site also tackles issues relating to hardware (topography protection, etc.) as well as software (drafting contracts, licensing - shareware/freeware, copyright, etc.), consumer protection, problems in respect of traders and manufacturers, as well as increasing internationalisation and harmonisation.

Regardless of current sales revenue, growth and development forecasts, the internet offers “unlimited” opportunities, including cost-efficient marketing on a global scale combined with the highest quality of representation. Independent of real business premises on which a commercial activity takes place, a professional internet presentation (especially www-presentation), requiring appropriate planning and designing, can be of great advantage to almost anybody interested (providers, users). It is commonly known that the internet is not a “lawless” space – on the contrary, complying with numerous legal orders is the absolute minimum requirement. “Professionalism” means legal farsightedness, too.

Software production, its licensing, maintenance as well as its sales and distribution has distinctive features within two areas of law, in which it is regulated. These include general civil law (individual software production under a legally due works contract and transfer of standard software by a purchase agreement) and some parts of copyright law (software being intellectual property of its author or programmer).


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