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Media law

What is “media law”?

Media law is no autonomous area of law in the form of a separate act or merely systematically organised norms. Rather, “media law” evolved from “the new media” (modem, cable transmission, etc.). This term has remained inside its branch and comprises both classic and “new” media.

Where is “media law” regulated?

“Media law” is first of all standardised in media-specific regulations such as regional press regulations, radio broadcasting regulations, interstate broadcasting agreements, Interstate Media Services Agreement, Telecommunications Act, Information and Communication Services Act, etc. However, due to the branch orientation, the bordering areas of law, such as law on competition, copyright law, trademark law (title protection), publishing law, norms relating to the protection of young persons belong into this area as well.

What do we need to handle your questions concerning media law?

Since we know from experience that there is a number of legal questions that cannot be handled in general due to their diversity, we need your individual legal question in the first place. Then we can inform you in detail what further information we need. Please contact us.


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