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Most intellectual property rights require filing an application for registration at an appropriate authority, which in the case of Germany is the German Patent and Trademark Office. Numerous foreign offices offer a parallel service, some of them providing the possibility to file applications on-line (for instance the USA), which, however, cannot be taken advantage of unless you state an „address for postal deliveries“ in the country in question.

The server of the German Patent and Trademark Office offers an opportunity to download almost all official publications and necessary forms (also for international and Community registration). Since these publications and forms are continuously updated, we recommend that you download them directly from the server of the Office at

We strongly recommend that you carefully study leaflets on how to prepare an application as well as the leaflet on application fees, especially if you are applying without the help of a patent agent.

On the home page of the German Patent and Trademark Office you will also find numerous links to patent and trademark offices around the world.

Should you need more information, do not hesitate to contact the German Patent and Trademark Office or our law office.

We have the legal skills to assist you during the whole application procedure in respect of any of the intellectual property rights.




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